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First-aid treatment for cyanide poisoning
30 Sep 2015
  • Speed is essential
  • Arrange for immediate medical attention and therefore probable transfer to hospital
  • Protect yourself and the casualty from further exposure during decontamination and treatment


Remove patient from exposure. Keep warm and at rest. Oxygen should be administered. If breathing has ceased apply artificial respiration using oxygen and a suitable mechanical device such as a bag and mask. Do not use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. First aiders will require additional training in oxygen administration and the use of resuscitation techniques such as bag and mask.

Skin contact

Remove all contaminated clothing immediately. Wash the skin with plenty of water. Treat patient as for inhalation.

Eye contact

Immediately irrigate with water for at least ten minutes. Treat patient as for inhalation.


Do not give anything by mouth. Treat patient as for inhalation.

Administration of oxygen and artificial respiration

HSE advises that oxygen administration is the most useful initial treatment for cyanide poisoning. This means where cyanides are used at least one person should be trained to administer oxygen.

If breathing has stopped artificial respiration is essential. In the past, safety data sheets have advised that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should not be used, because of the possible risk of secondary poisoning to the first aider. Manual techniques of artificial respiration are extremely inefficient so an alternative mechanical resuscitation device, through which oxygen can be given, is needed. The simplest solution is a bag and mask device connected to an oxygen supply. Other types of equipment could be used but in all cases the employer will have a responsibility to ensure that the first aider is trained to use the device.

HSE recommends that employers discuss the arrangements for the medical treatment of cyanide poisoning with their local hospital (Accident and Emergency Department) or other provider of medical care.

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First Aid Courses Bexley, Lewisham & London2
27 Aug 2015

Medi Aid has been providing in-house courses in South East London and East London as well as Kent, Sussex and Essex. We have provided an open course service to service the needs of smaller companies. During 2010 Medi Aid will be running open First Aid course in Bexley and South East London. Contact our admin team for further details

First aid training courses in london
07 Aug 2015
We have provided in-house first aid training to organisation in London for many years but during 2010 we will start running open courses for organisation to send staff to.

First Aid Training Course Dates for Bexhill & Brighton added
26 Jan 2010

We have added dates for the Emergency First Aid Courses in Brighton & Hove and for the Hastings and Bexhill area

First Aid Training Courses 4 London
02 Jan 2010

We have provided in-house first aid training to organisation in London for many years but during 2010 we will start running open courses for organisation to send staff to.To book an in house course our booking team on 01634 540 999 or call us free on 0800 634 86 23

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